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!Omnes Mundum Facimus!

I am alive and you are dead.

Jay Smith
20 October 1977
I love to give away music. If you have a dvd drive and itunes and would like to trade out let me know. My wife and I love rolling and selling books. I'm a student/electrician and spend my time reading, listening to anything I can get my hands on and aquiring inventory. Baby on the way (update! Baby here!)(Sidney Elise) so most of the above is going to stop for the next 18 years. Townhome owner in North Carolina (NC) no yard work for me exept trimin my own lawn.

Favorite authors: just started a list of books @


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New & used books

Chuck Pahalniuk
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Neal Stephenson
Haruki Murakami
Ray Bradbury
Jeff V.

Favorite music:
The Gorillaz
The flaming lips
The beastie Boys
handsom boy modeling school
any of the Verve remixed music
Led Zepplin
Rolling stones
pink floyd

The best place to look for free music that I've found:
Just substitute the name of the group you're looking for!
email me at: jay_smith27@hotmail.com

name: Gerald Smith, Gerry Smith, Jerry Smith
from: Binghamton, NY Conklin, NY
School: Susquehanna Valley Highschool, Cedarhurst, NCSU, RCCC, SCCC
Father:Albert Mydlinski, Gerald Smith, Curtis Hurst

& the Temple of the Screaming Electron

I love to hear from people. I only wish to propagate my opinion, if only to my future children, the only thing I have worth giving. If you don't agree with me, I'd be happy to engage you in proper conversation. Be forewarned that I do not take life too seriously and any angry posts will be met with utmost sarcasm. Thank you for taking parts of your numbered days to peruse my biography. Jay.f.n.o.r.d.