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September 21st, 2008

And Then There Was Poop!

We both wake up this morning to Sydney demanding us to 'GET UP!' (yeah, cute), anyway so I immediately hop in the shower. I come out and Sydney is still in her pajama's which is no big deal, however I think for a split second and say to my husband 'have you changed her yet?' - of course the answer is 'no'. I mean really, what did I expect it to be, that's my own stupidity. So I go get a pull-up ... oh no no, she's not potty trained, just wants pull ups because other little girls where them ... and proceed to change the pee pee feast. Now let me pause here because what would be the big deal if it was just pee right? *Pause* *Pause* *Pause* ... and we're back ...... so I pull off the pull up and baby rabbit turds come flying out onto the floor. I moan in disgust. I take the diaper and the said rabbit turds and put them in a little trash bag and throw them out. I get some wipes to wipe her butt but wait, what's this? A pull-up is already on? Oh joy! No wiping for me!!!! - Wait ... nope, this is not going to go the way I think it is ... I must ask 'Jay, did you wipe her butt or just put a pull up on?' (surely no one is this stupid) - 'I just put the pull up on.' 'BUT SHE POOPED' 'but it was just little rabbit turds' (ROLLING MY EYES AT THIS POINT) 'Oh geez' 'What did you say?' - 'I said 'OH GEEZ'!' and then I wiped her butt.

No seriously, I must ask ... if someone poops, no matter how little, esp a toddler, is it now decided that we actually can just let that one go and not wipe?!  I did not get the memo on that one so please someone send it
to me so I can be in the loop too of this no wiping thing. 

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