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I go to Wal-Mart Saturday night at around 8:30, please note that I loathe Corporate Wal-Mart so I'm already a hypocrite - I have on a regular T-Shirt and regular shorts - NO BIG DEAL - I only get to the vitamin aisle when this Hispanic man has decided that I am eye candy for his current viewing - I go to the next aisle and who is there? Why it's my new friend! One more aisle ... note that I'm about to loose it at this point ... I'm tired and I hate Wal-Mart and I have Mr. Creepy following me ... one more aisle and I just don't know what is going to fall out of my mouth ... I go to the next aisle ... and THERE. HE. IS.  . - he is staring me down or should I say 'staring my chest down', I mean ... extremely obvious ... not in my head kind of thing. So I look at him ... pissed at this point ... with a look of disgust on my face and say ... 'Are you kidding me? Are you f**king kidding me with this f**king shit? Seriously? No, really f**king seriously?????' 'WTF is wrong with you? No, really, I want to know what the f**k is wrong with you?' - 'THEY ARE F**KING TITS, MOVE ON!' - He mumbled something in Spanish .. I make an a$$ out of myself and continue shopping!
Please note before the dumb question is asked - they are full C's and yes, for god's sake, I had a damn bra on!
I look at girl's tit's ALL THE TIME but I don't following them around and see how obvious I can be!

*Please note that this is to show what a 2 year old I am and not anything against Mr. Creepy*

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